Thursday, July 19, 2012

Work Samples

Baja Brochure:

This is one of the sides of the unfolded brochure used at
the 2011 International Mini Baja Event.

Far Out Travels Brochure:

This is the unfolded inside of a fictional brochure I created for
a final project in my preflight class.

Clothing Company Poster:

This is a poster I created to promote the
clothing company of a close friend.

Magazine Ad:

This is a fictional ad designed for a magazine.


This was a design for a notepad that was printed
for students visiting Pitt State's Graphics Department.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Project - SAE Baja Brochure

For my final project in digital file preparation, we were to come up with a project of our choice, but it had to be a complex layout, in that it could not be a simple flat piece. Since Pittsburg State University is hosting the Baja SAE Kansas event (, I decided to create a brochure that could be used for this event.

Target Audience:
This piece is aimed at people already in attendance of the event. This brochure is not to attract people to attend the event, but more to help them identify the teams involved, show them maps of Pittsburg, the campus, and the track, as well as some extra interesting information.

I sketched up some thumbs and roughs of entirely different pieces, shown below:

I decided on the thumbnail number 3. It is 11.625" by 11". Here is a dummy of the layout, the dark lines indicate fold marks:

Outside and Inside Flaps


This is a the final piece before the folds:

Outside and Inside Flaps


Monday, December 13, 2010

Publication Ad

This assignment for my digital file preparation class was to design a set of advertisements for a magazine publication. One was to be a full page advertisement and the other a partial page advertisement. The idea of this assignment was that it would contain mostly large images and little text. The specifications for the files were based off those provided by a magazine of our choice. I used the specifications of Ms. Magazine which are shown here:

Based on this magazines specifications, my full page ad would be 8" x 10.75", with a 0.25" bleed and a safe area of 7.5" x 10.25". I also decided to do a 1/3 page ad which would be 2.25" x 9.75" with no bleed. Here are the thumbnails and roughs:

I used images from the PSU server to design ads to attract vacationers to Hawaii. The final pieces are below:

The 1/3 page ad

The full page ad

Monday, November 15, 2010

Variable Data Direct Mail Piece

The variable data direct mail piece for my digital file preparation class was a 5"x8" piece which was to have elements that changed depending on who the piece was aimed at. I found a couple stock photos on the school server of both a man and a women who appeared lost or in a bad situation and decided to make my piece based on these photos. I wanted to do my piece for Pittsburg State University. The variable data that I decided on would be the photo of the woman in the dark hall to be targeted to females who may be looking to go to college and the photo of the man in the desert to males looking to find a college to attend.

The Call-to-Action:

The piece is to attract the audience to visit Pittsburg State University's website and to get them to consider enrolling at the college.

The Design of the Piece:

Although the main image on the front would change depending on whether the receiver was male or female, both would have a star like bubble containing the text "Feeling Lost?" to accompany the images and strike curiosity in the viewer.

The back is the same for both pieces, with short text used to entice the viewer to visit the Pittsburg State University website. The receiver's name will be replaced at the top for each receiver so the piece has a personal feel. The message about getting their future on track, the college's small class size and and the many fields of study would appeal to someone who may be looking to attend a smaller university.

Here are the thumbnail sketches:

 Here are the roughs:

I decided to go with the design of the bottom piece.

Here are the final pieces:

The front of the piece that would be sent to females

The front of the piece that would be sent to males

The back of the piece with a custom name for each piece

Dimensional Innovations at the Four States Regional Technology Conference

I attended a session at the Four States Regional Technology Conference (FSRTC) at the College of Technology at Pittsburg State University. Ben Brown was the guest speaker from the company Dimensional Innovations based in Overland Park, Kansas. The company currently employs about 95 employees. Ben said himself that it was hard to describe exactly what the company did, but summed it up as creating design elements for architecture. The approach the company takes is design and build. They work in fields like the theatre, sports, transit, museums, government, lighting, composites, entertainment, and more. The company has a closely related team of both designers and engineers so that the company can design and then build the things they designed. The company has done work for Sprint, sculpture work at Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City as well as numerous work all over the country.

Ben described some of Dimensional Innovation's keys to success which are below:
  • Planning
  • Engineering Simple Solutions
  • Engineering Less Expensive Materials
  • Develop Accurate Throughput Process
  • Line Balances Through Production
  • Set it Up Correctly and Go
The presentation was very inspirational because the company not only designs but they also engineer the concepts they design so they see projects through from start to finish all within the company.

Ben Brown showing a polar bear sculpture 
Dimensional Innovation created for a Zoo exhibit 

Ben Brown explaining Dimensional Innovation's work with surfaces.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Newspaper Ads

The newspaper ad assignment for my digital file preparation course required the creation of a single or series of newspaper ads for the Pittsburg State University Newspaper, The Collegio. The assignment required the identification of a target audience, a call to action, a proposed budget of up to $100, and a production schedule. The newspaper ad was theoretical and was not mean to actually be featured in the newspaper. I decided to make a series of ads for the Crimson Villas apartments in Pittsburg.

Target Audience:
My target audience consists of people looking for a place to rent in Pittsburg, KS. More specifically the target audience would most likely be single college age students, as Crimson Villas features roommate matching and individual no hassle leases. The target audience would likely be low income students who would be looking to live near campus.

Call to Action:
The purpose of these ads would be to get the target audience to call, stop by or visit the Crimson Villas website and ultimately end up renting an apartment.

The column widths in the Collegio newspaper are as follows:

1 column = 1.83”
2 columns = 3.59”
3 columns = 5.75”
4 columns = 4.71”
5 columns = 9.67”
6 columns = 11.63”

From these measurements the ad sizes were to be determined so that as many or as large an ad as possible could be produced within the $100 budget.

The formula for determining the cost of the ads is this:

# columns the ad will use   x   the height of the ad   =   total inches   x   $4   =   total cost

Using this formula I decided to create a series of three ads of the following sizes:

2 columns  x  3”
2 columns  x  2”
2 columns  x  6”

The total cost of these ads based on the about formula calculates as:

2 columns  x  3”  =  6” total inches  x  $4  =  $24 total cost
2 columns  x  2”  =  4” total inches  x  $4  =  $16 total cost
2 columns  x  6”  =  12” total inches  x  $4  =  $48 total cost

The three ads total up to $98 which is in the budget stated earlier.

• Oct. 7:    Newspaper ads assigned
• Oct. 12:  Thumbs, roughs, and identification of target audience, call to action, and budget due
• Oct. 14:  Approval of ads
• Oct. 18:  Edits and revisions
• Oct. 21:  Final approval
• Oct. 26:  In-class critique of ads
• Oct. 28:  Final due date for newspaper ads

These are the thumbnails for the ads:

These are the roughs for the ads:

 Theses are the final ads:

3.79" x 2"

3.79" x 3"

3.79" x 6"

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brendan Murphy Symposium

Brendan Murphy, senior graphic designer at Lippincott in New York and Pittsburg State University graduate, came back to the PSU campus for homecoming weekend and spoke at a symposium. He spoke of his work for Lippincott and how he came to be where he is today. Brendan was an inspiration for many reasons. He expressed how much of graphic design is based around the need for communication, and how important writing is in this field. He mentioned that he probably spends about 75% of his time writing, 5-10% drawing, and the rest on administrative work. This just goes to show how important the ability to produce good writing really is in graphics communication. The inspiration I got from this is to not neglect focusing on writing even though many would think writing in the graphics design field would be minimal. He also expressed that general communication is very important when making changes, bringing up the example of the recent logo change that GAP tried to implement. His take on the change and the upset it caused was that there was not enough communication involved with the change. I would agree with this statement because the logo change was sudden and happened without GAP communicating anything to the public about their intention to redevelop their logo.

Brendan showed off a few of his projects which brought about more inspiration. One example was his redesign of the common handicap sign which portrays a person in a wheelchair. The common one seen in many public places makes the person in the wheelchair seem immobile and stagnant while Brendan?s design gives the image a feel of movement. His reasoning for this new design, he said, was that the one seen in most public places makes is seem like someone with a handicap is incapable of fending for themselves. The new design however, makes the person mobile despite their disability. As Brendan said, we should recognize people for their abilities not their disabilities. This made a point that it is important to examine how simple things such as a handicap sign could be communicating a certain message about someone or something that may be interpreted as somewhat negative or demeaning.

What was truly inspiring about Brendan is that he came to Pittsburg State University on a track scholarship and went on to be Senior Graphic Designer for Lippincott, a company that has developed and worked for General Mills, Chevron, Campbell?s Soup, Coke, Infinity, McDonald?s, Duracell, and more. It shows that nothing is impossible if you truly apply yourself. One of the points Brendan made was that it is important not to fall in love with technology. What he meant by this is that technology is constantly changing and the person using the technology must change with it. He added to this point by saying, ?you will get hired for your ideas not your ability to operate machinery or programs?. I think that is very important to remember in a field like the graphics field because although you may have the knowledge or ability to operate a design program, if you do not have good ideas, you will have nothing worth producing when using the programs. This shows how important planning, brainstorming, and idea generating is to good design. On an average project Brendan said that he does anywhere from 300 to 3,000 alternatives to a logo design or project branding before reaching the final piece.

A final point to make is that Brendan mentioned how much he works with other fields and industries when creating a brand experience. Again the need for communication is important when working with people from audio fields and people who focus on other things like scents when creating a brand experience.

Overall there were a lot of interesting points and ideas brought up during the symposium and it was great to hear from someone who is so successful who graduated from the same college I am attending.